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007 From Unreal With Love

Unreal Engine 4.27
1 month



Game Designer

My contribution to 007 FROM UNREAL WITH LOVE

  • Designed core mechanics of the game.

  • Created Levels blockouts and environments

  • Create Documentation about features and weapons

  • Tweaked values of weapon damage (AI and Player) to make the game more balanced

  • Created the primary weapons of the game

  • Designed and tweaked AI (civilian, enemy, and allied)

  • Designed Encounter design

  • Designed Ai pathing

  • Tweaked values about AI and their cone sight


During my entire childhood, I played 007 From Russia with Love for the PS2 so many times that I still have many memories and fun that it's impossible for me to forget. When I became a Game designer I always wondered how this game could be transformed or made better. So at the start of September, I decided to put my work on it trying to recreate the first level of the original game and all of the mechanics.


Design Brief Of the Game

Level Design Document

One Pager

Level Flowchart


At first, the project was a 3rd person shooter but the idea of a 1rst person intrigued me more so I changed everything and made it an FPS. At first, after I did all the documentation the first thing I concentrated on was the creation of the arsenal, limited by the free assets I created very basic weapons like shotguns, sniper rifles, assault rifles, and so on. After tweaking all the values of aim, damage, and so on I concentrated, myself on creating a very basic AI for the player to fight so I tweaked all the values of cone sight, patrol, damage, and health to properly balance the gameplay. The first test was not so smooth so after a little polish everything was balanced and good to go




  • EL BAB

After a lot of thinking I decided to challenge myself on this project, I decided to create another level where basically the player would be introduced to the mechanics of the game and have the first taste of the shooting mechanics

My main inspiration from EL BAB became the desert environment where usually MI6 spies went for initial training, so I created this desert environment situated inside an Arab village.

The challenge of the level was creating an interactive tutorial for the player and I put my best on it even if is still basic. The main inspiration for the training came from the first Call Of Duty




After having done the first level of introduction of the game it was time to work on the principal level, London. This level was hard not only because I need to nail the feeling and the experience of the original game but also for the environment itself because it was the first time I need to create a large environment but I didn't back up from the challenge and I'm so proud of the result.




During the development of the project, I feel inspired like never before, finally demonstrating my skills in creating an experience and having my first approach to the FPS Genre creating a game very loved by me. For me, this is what is being a game designer. But there were also errors like the light of the environment (was still inexperienced in the lighting). Unfortunately, I haven't been enabled to do the final build of the project thanks to a corrupted package of the marketplace.
"Creating a final experience from start to end of something that you loved, it's the most precious aspect of this job"




This project taught me a lot in both creating an FPS with all the challenges that come, and the creation of the environment even with all his errors. This is my most loved project and the one that inspired me to have creative ideas and put in the work from start to finish.


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