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  1. Gaia Merlo

  2. Lorenzo Masturzo

  3. Giacomo Ghigo

  4. Antonio Coronato

Tabletop Game

6 months


Lead Designer

My contribution to SPOOKY FOREST

  • Designed the main mechanics of the game.

  • Designed, the characters and the enemy of the main game

  • Talked to artists about the design of the cards and the main map

  • Iterated and polished gameplay during early phases

  • Listen to feedback from players and iterated upon them

  • Design the main abilities of characters and enemy


I was asked by Gaia to join the team to help her create his idea. Basically, 5 adventurers enter this forest where the legends say that in a castle at the end of the forest is buried a treasure guarded by a demon. The demon was a knight that escaped during a battle to find also this treasure but ended up being cursed and now his duty is to stop anyone that tries to break into the castle for researching the treasure. The mission of the player is to arrive at the castle without being killed by the demon while trying to break the curse, the first that arrives at the castle without dying wins.


Change of the map through iterations

Character from Sketches to Final


We chose gameplay to be like a racing game, 5 players begin from the start point, and based on the character they have, they need to follow a path, the demon starts at his start point, and tries to kill players before they arrive at the castle. After the turn starts, every player throws the dice, and based on the number they made, they move to that box, during their journey to the castle players will have traps and ability boxes where trap cards can give a penalty to one or more players, ability cards give individual advantage to the player that picks them. Since the map is big we gave the demon teleportation cards (based on the number of players in the game) so he can teleport to any box on the map and face the player next to his box. If the demon is in front of the path of a player, arriving at the box where the demon is standing there will be a challenge. If the player wins the challenge he can continue if not the player dies and in case he had a life restart to the start point.
During their journey, the players will need to pick a rune (white box on the map)and take her with them until they arrive at the castle to win. The first to arrive at the castle without dying and with a rune win.



We had a lot of problems during development and with the mechanics, so we had to create original solutions. This aspect really challenged us to think outside the box while sticking to the original mechanics and was the most enjoyed part of the development. In the end with a lot of effort, we published the game on Tabletopia and had modest success with 20+ hours played on the site.
"Read that someone has enjoyed the game so much that is his all-time favorite is an undescribable sensation"




This experience build me as a Game designer and challenged me in every way possible from creating solutions to resolving problems, but the most enjoyable part was collaborating with my fellow designer and joking during development (and nervous breakdowns), knowing the person behind the idea and his emotions.


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