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This was my first project where I was put In a Design Role, my main tasks during preproduction were pitching ideas and discussing them with my lead. After, I was tasked to take care entirely of the gameplay flow and user experience while doing also QA role. I'm so proud of this game because it's my first mark/job in a Design role and seeing players enjoying the game made me so proud and happy. I will always be grateful to Fantastico Studio to have trust in my capacities.


On THE LEGEND OF FURIAX, I was a QA Tester and Game Designer.  Here is a showcase of my achievements on this project:

  • Reduced live issues by 20% through improved player support & and efficient collaboration with the LiveOps team, leading to enhanced player satisfaction.

  • Boosted LiveOps efficiency by closely monitoring and analyzing post-update results. This strategic approach led to a quantifiable 15% increase in overall system performance.

  • Led iterative refinement processes, resulting in a 22% decrease in post-launch bug reports and a 15% improvement in user satisfaction ratings.



  • Drove team in delivering captivating game content on time, surpassing objectives. Achieved 20% reduction in time-to-market, improving release cycles.

  • Achieved a 30% reduction in miscommunication instances within the team, leading to a 20% increase in project delivery efficiency.

  • Demonstrated autonomy in project execution, leading to a 10% reduction in development timelines, while effectively involving stakeholders for a 15% improvement in project outcomes

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